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There are three primary methods to receive AFN television.

CABLE: If you're stationed at a command that has cable television they will offer you one or more channels of television over your local television cable. This service is often available in family housing and single service member's barracks. In housing this service is typically handled by a local cable television company who often charges a small fee for the AFN television channels to cover the cost of their equipment and maintenance service.

OUTDOOR ANTENNA: Some commands broadcast the AFN signals over-the-air. To receive these signals you'll need an outdoor antenna above your residence and a wire connected to the back of your television. Television transmitters are expensive and have limited range so typically you'll receive only one or just a few of the AFN service channels. In some locations they use microwave signals that require a different antenna and a provided decoder. Check with your local command to find out what you need.

SATELLITE DISH: The third reception method gives you the most number of channels but can be expensive and requires some installation on your part. This is with the use of a small satellite dish and an AFN decoder which can be either purchased or leased depending on your location from your local military exchange. Depending on your location around the world, the satellite dish size and the AFN signals available are different. Unfortunately not all areas of the world can receive the signal using a small consumer size dish. These areas are typically served by one of the first two methods. The setup guide will assist you in determining which satellite dish system is available and how to set it up.

Satellite Dish Setup

AFHGANISTAN REGIONAL COMMAND (RC): RC-East and RC-North call Bagram (BAF) Theater Maintenance: 318-431-4358 RC-South, Southwest and West all Kabul (KAF) Theater Maintenance: 318-421-7358 RC-Capital and the AFN Theater Planner call NKC Theater Maintenance: 318-449-4627 General Information in Theater: AFN Afghanistan Maintenance:

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