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Satellite Dish Setup Information
There are five steps to successfully installing a satellite dish and getting the associated decoder authorized.

First you need to know which of several satellites service your location. Maps are provided at the links below. There are two services provided from AFRTS, the first one called AFN has a greater number of available television and radio channels but doesn’t provide world-wide service. The second service is called Direct-to-Sailor (DTS) and has world-wide coverage but has fewer program channels. AFN in Europe is provided via Eurobird 9. The service has programming that has been localized for the European viewers but can be received also in North Africa, Middle East and some eastern bloc countries. For AFN and DTS services please review the maps in Step One below.

The second step of the process is to look up the technical information for the satellite which will be used in the fourth process step. You should note the satellite’s geo-synchronous position and the satellite beam you will be using because you’ll need this information when you go to the web site for the satellite.

The third step involves finding your “look angle”, the direction in which the dish needs to be pointed to receive the signal. This can be done at the website provided in the link below at step three or by calling a technician who can assist you. Technicians are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Their contact information is available under the individual decoder setup procedures in Step Five.

The fourth step is aligning the satellite dish/antenna to the satellite.

The fifth step is programming the decoder. Click the link for your decoder model for your specific decoder for setup instructions, decoder manual, and decoder Setting and Presets for the different AFN and DTS Services.

Step One: SatNet Map
Pentagon Channel Map
Step Two: AFRTS Satellite Information
Step Three: Dish Pointing Data
Step Four: Digital Satellite Downlink Reception   
Step Five: D9234    D9834    D9835    D9865

Now that you’re connected and authorized here’s a listing of the channels available for each of the three services: AFN Pacific, AFN Europe, and for DTS.


If your decoder ever breaks or needs repair here are the points of contact and repair procedures.

  Decoder Authorization/Exchange/Repair
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